Day 3: MAC Studio Sculpt Trial

02 April 2009

Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day 3

8 AM - applied the foundation using a MAC 187 but got poor results. Reapplied using a foundation brush and set with MSF natural.

10 AM - shock horror - found a tiny-tiny pimple on the nose let's call it 'Ugly'. ok deep breath, it could be because it's the time of the month.. (our apologies for the overshare)

1230 NOON - ok another tiny-tiny pimple on the other side of the nose, let's call it 'Betty'. it's still deep but i can feel it some where there. this is definitely a hormone-inflicted pimple.

2 PM - 'Ugly' is gone well almost non-existent, while 'Betty' is still there trying to get out.

4 PM - powdered off the oil on the T-zone. 'Ugly' is definitely gone. it was that tiny. but 'Betty' well it is still there

10 PM - foundation is all gone.

Verdict on Day 3: it's hard to tell if 'Ugly and Betty' are caused by the foundation because it's also time of the month.
The trial will continue until the end of the week to give that 7 day mark. MsChikee's instinct tells her that it could be just hormonal break out so watch this space for more day to day account of MAC Studio Sculpt foundation trial.

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