Blush as good as Orgasm: The Balm's Hot Mama blush

19 April 2009

Found this blush by chance when I was helping a friend in getting some makeup essentials. 

I got intrigued with the packaging and thought it was the same with Benefit cosmetics.. the look and feel at least.

Anyway, I opened it and the first thing I told the makeup artist (who happened to be watching me ever so curious on this tiny thing), "This is exactly the same as Orgasm".

Note: keep your voice down when you're declaring a blush to be the same as orgasm because if they are not a makeup fanatic then you've got some explaining to do... :)

So I was beaming with happiness and the makeup artist said "yeah it's the same as orgasm and it's cheaper". Say what now? Cheaper? - I am sold to it! It's like I want to stop anyone from buying the NARS Orgasm only because of the price. FYI: Australian Cosmetic prices are 2x the price in America and Europe. 

So this blush is also comparable to Benefit's Coralista - no joke! even the feel of it is the same!

The Balm Hot Mama - $30 AUD
Benefit Coralista - $50 AUD (i think or $48)
NARS Orgasm Blush - $ 60 AUD

Now you decide :) 
We find Hot Mama and Coralista easier to work with as the glitters are not that huge.

If you have The Balm in your area then go check this blush out. You may want to check their bronzer which is comparable to NARS Laguna.

PS. If you missed out on MAC Emmanuel Ungaro's lip tint Not So Shy, then try The Balm's Staniac in Beauty Queen It's exactly the same sans the vanilla scent that MAC has :)

It's good to have surprises like these!

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