Airy Fairy it is!

15 April 2009

Yes, inspired by Lollipop26's blog! Rimmel AIRY FAIRY lipstick :)

When I read her blog today I told myself "I've got to have it!" you know - like a normal makeup junkie my hands were itching to get it :) 
And when I read the words dupe - MAC Viva Glam V - I was sold! In fact I fell inlove with it already. 

So after work I went to Target and there it was - just waiting for me and it was on sale (result!!). I felt victory in my hands! 

And it was victory indeed! It's a great colour and the formulation is good... very moisturising :)

Verdict: Rimmel Airy Fairy wins our hearts! 

1. It's PRETTY!
2. Any skin tone can work this baby out
3. Very close to MAC Viva Glam V. It's more on the pink side but still very comparable.
4. Very affordable
5. We love the smell - it's like fruity bubble gum

Here's some swatches for you (MAC Viva Glam V vs Airy Fairy)

Thank you Lollipop26 for sharing this great find :)

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