NEW: Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF15

30 April 2009

Well new to Australian consumer! Clinique's Even Better Makeup is now available in Australia.

I happen to stumble upon this by chance while helping 2 officemates to get a good foundation. I was going to suggest them MAC foundation (only because they both want FULL coverage) until I saw the huge sign and thought this is much better for them since I've noticed some sun damage already on their skin. My actual line was "MAC is only your quick fix to hide imperfection but this one (Clinique even better) is a longterm fix" - and guess what?! sold! i should've gotten a commission for that!

So I've used the Even Better Corrector serum for 6 months (sometime last year) and the only down side on that was it made my face lighter than the rest of my body. On a good side it 'erased' most of my freckles and post-breakout / acne sc discolouration.

Also I wished that the it has SPF as I had to pile up products on my face (ie, moisturiser + even better corrector + sunscreen + foundation)

And my wish came true!
*Don't worry I am still on my Project 10 Pan so i won't be purchasing this in the near future but my officemates did so I'll be hearing some feedback in couple of weeks or so and i'll post it here!)

So I did a little research for everyone's benefit, according to Clinique, the number one concern of women is hyperpigmentation which is normally caused by sun damage. I thought that this product is only for Mature women but I was told by the consultant that it's actually for any age but mainly targetting hyperpigmentation due to sun damage, ageing and acne scarring.

Vitamin C Complex and Vitamin E - to lighten the discolouration
Mushroom Yeast Extract
Natural Grapefruit peel
White birch extracts
Zinc Oxide - sunscreen
Titanium dioxide - sunscreen

Note: if you're allergic to any of these then stay away else you can always ask for samples to try to see. I know that Clinique's slogan is "allergy tested" but you'll never know so when in doubt ask for samples.

The product promises (1) Improved radiance; and (2) skin clarity while reducing visible signs of sun damage, dark patches, acne scarring and age spots.

Even Better Makeup SPF 15 is designed for dry, combination and oily skin types (yay!) and it has a matte finish. It's buildable so you can get a full coverage.

If you want to get faster results on removing discolouration then use the Even Better Corrector as well.

It's so satisfying to know that if you use Even Better Makeup you're giving your skin a favour by correcting any discolouration you have and you only use 1 product.

This product shouldn't be your means to an end (hyperpigmentation). Remember, don't pick your pimples and Slip, Slop, Slap - "slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, and slap on a hat".

Review: Faceshop Volumising/Volumizing Mascara - Black

29 April 2009

Faceshop is a Korean cosmetics company. I assume that they are big in Korea because they have quite a few franchises all over South East Asia, Australia and if I am not mistaken Walgreens (US) carries the range as well. For more info you can visit The Face Shop

As for mascara, they carry a few colours but as for black and brown they have the “Volumising” (01) and the “Lengthening” (02) and I’ve got the volumising one because I need volume! J

I heart this product so much it makes me cry. I had low expectations of it to be honest. I thought it’s too cheap, $10AUD compared to Covergirl lash blast $17AUD but I still gave it a go (just like any makeup junkie would do) and my oh my! The price is just the icing on top! This mascara does what it promises, volume! And if paired with Shiseido Mascara base then you’re there sister… the kingdom of false eyelashes effect!

So far here are the things we love about it:

1. Cheap – can’t beat that!

2. The formulation is great (even for contact lense wearer like me)

3. No panda-eye effect! Again a plus!

4. The brush is like a normal brush but somehow it picks up even the tiniest lash J

5. Easy to remove – you can use facial wipes or eye makeup remover or just good old water and facial cleanser.

Other product we like from this range is their false eyelashes! They one that is very similar to MAC’s Hello kitty lashes and it’s only a quarter of the price! (At least here in Australia that is).

Please watch this space for FOTD of before and after using it and also the lashes that I am talking about.
Don’t rub your eyes too much when removing your eye makeup. If the makeup is not coming off easily then it’s time to change that makeup remover

A minor slip from Project 10 Pan and a Promise!

24 April 2009

OK OK I can justify this and my reason is valid... trust me.

So when i commit to Project 10 Pan - it was a real commitment. I felt so empowered and I was already saying 'no' to any makeup that calls my attention. I was tempted so many times but i just walked away from it all.

And in order to know that status of my makeup, I organised my collection from Full to almost used up and i mean the whole lot (fun times) and it was on Liquid Foundation that I slipped.

Please forgive for I have sinned, I've purchased a new liquid foundation - i know, i know i haven't reached my 10 things but hear me out please :)

I organised all my existing foundation. I currently have:

Clinique Perfectly real makeup - this is 2+ years old although it still good IMO, still works for me. However I dont use it on day to day basis because of the sparkles.. haha it's not like EdwardCullen-spakles (Note: Twilight mention again, LOL) but since i use MSFs everyday this will overdo it so it's for night time only.

Clinique Super Fit - one of my faves and only a year old - this doesn't have SPF so i haven't been using this lately and it feels heavy if i mix it with a sunscreen. so last summer this was in hybernation.

MAC Hyper Real - i hate this foundation because i get so hot when i use it. like my pores can't breathe or something and i'll just perspire and this broke me out so haven't touched it since then. This is only 6Mos old so i'll have to sell it or give it.

MAC Studio Sculpt - this is a gel foundation - doesn't count :P and i dont use this on daily basis only when it's cooler so i think in winter this baby is going be used and abused.

Revlon Matte Finish - this a mousse-like texture foundation - doesn't count :P and i hate the smell! it's too strong.. so I haven't been using it.

Revlon Colour Stay (SPF 15) - now this is 2+ years old too. And when i joined Project 10 Pan, i went back to using this since there only a quater of it left BUT when i pumped it the oil and the foundation was separated and reeked that weird smell! it's OFF!!

Considering my options, i dont have any liquid foundation that has that lasting power that i can use everyday. So i bought a Revlon Colour stay with SoftFlex SPF 6.

Here's a promise

Since I've prematurely purchased this without completing 10 items, I Mschikee promise not to buy anything until i finish another 10 (so i have to finish up 20 items)

Latest count of used of products:

MAC Select Pressed Powder
MAC MSF Natural (the old one)
Covergirl Lash Blast
Clinique Rose blush
Clinique High Impact mascara
Revlon ColourStay SPF 15

(Photos to be added soon)

6 Down - 14 to go :)

Project 10 Pan

22 April 2009

Concept: Using up or hitting the pan of 10 makeup items to be eligible to buy 1 new makeup item. Makeup item is not limited to eyeshadow pan/pot but everything from face and liner to lip products with the exception of skin care.

I first heard this from Lollipop26 and refused to listen. Then I heard it again and this time decided that I am so in this project. I think it's about time.

As a makeup junkie, i've collected quite a few in less than 12 months. I don't have a space anymore which always prompts me to get a new storage box which to be honest is another excuse to get more makeup. Dont worry I haven't succumb to that idea yet - bigger storage box.

At this point i think i've got everything that i really need. Don't get me wrong, I love all my makeup but I think it's getting out of hand now. I do freelance makeup gigs on friends and family so it's not that bad but i dont think i need to add more to my kit... not yet at least. Maybe one day when i hit my head and convince myself to change careers :)

So think about this:

MAC will always have new collections... always! We shouldn't feel like it's now or never... :) (easy said than done i know!)

Hopefully we can do this. We can save up and maybe go on a holiday. Most of the countries are in recession so it shouldn't hurt if we skip another blusher or MSFs.

I think this is a win-win situation. We will be able to save up. We will be able to appreciate every single makeup we own. We will be able to develop this strength called self-control and we will be able to fully appreciate the meaning of reward :)

So join the challenge and together we shall beat this makeup addiction.

So far I've used up 3 products:

1. My MAC Select Sheer pressed powder
2. My MAC MSF Natural
3. My Covergirl Lash Blast

(pictures to be posted later today)

And i have quite a few lip products that are half way. which reminds to look for my MAC Love Nectar - i can't find it and that's almost finished (sigh).

Yes we can!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream = Happy Feet

21 April 2009

Hvordan Gar Det? - that's my only Norwegian party trick! LOL

My Feet Angel - Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream 

I know it's not makeup but it's still something worth sharing.

A friend gave me an idea of what to blog today and it started with a new term "Toe Cleavage" :) cant elaborate on that just yet.

So feet, I often shy away from these topics because I am not a big fan of my own feet. Well, that has changed since I started using this foot cream.

Now I don't know how dry Norwegian people's feet are that they come up with their own formula but it works wonders.

Before I met this baby, i tried the following:

1. Body Shop Mint Cream thing for the feet. I applied it every night and wear socks to sleep. It didn't do anything. It just made my nights so hot - temperature. (I hate covering my feet, can't sleep)
2 I've tried Ped Egg - yes that one with the infomercial! IT DOESN'T WORK!
3. I've tried baby oil - didn't work
4. I've tried pumice and failed.

My problem areas are heels, post-blister/callouses, toes and arch of the feet. It was so dry you'd wonder if I ever wore shoes.

And this all changed when i started using Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream (the name itself sounds prestigious already). My stockings are all hole free now because my heels are silky-smooth. And to my surprise, this cream didn't give my feet bad odour* which was my number 1 concern prior to trying it. 

So give it a go and let me know. 

Love your feet like you love your face.

*This may not be the case for you so try getting the small tube first to try out before committing to the big tube.

Blush as good as Orgasm: The Balm's Hot Mama blush

19 April 2009

Found this blush by chance when I was helping a friend in getting some makeup essentials. 

I got intrigued with the packaging and thought it was the same with Benefit cosmetics.. the look and feel at least.

Anyway, I opened it and the first thing I told the makeup artist (who happened to be watching me ever so curious on this tiny thing), "This is exactly the same as Orgasm".

Note: keep your voice down when you're declaring a blush to be the same as orgasm because if they are not a makeup fanatic then you've got some explaining to do... :)

So I was beaming with happiness and the makeup artist said "yeah it's the same as orgasm and it's cheaper". Say what now? Cheaper? - I am sold to it! It's like I want to stop anyone from buying the NARS Orgasm only because of the price. FYI: Australian Cosmetic prices are 2x the price in America and Europe. 

So this blush is also comparable to Benefit's Coralista - no joke! even the feel of it is the same!

The Balm Hot Mama - $30 AUD
Benefit Coralista - $50 AUD (i think or $48)
NARS Orgasm Blush - $ 60 AUD

Now you decide :) 
We find Hot Mama and Coralista easier to work with as the glitters are not that huge.

If you have The Balm in your area then go check this blush out. You may want to check their bronzer which is comparable to NARS Laguna.

PS. If you missed out on MAC Emmanuel Ungaro's lip tint Not So Shy, then try The Balm's Staniac in Beauty Queen It's exactly the same sans the vanilla scent that MAC has :)

It's good to have surprises like these!

Review: MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

17 April 2009

Lo and Behold! the next best thing after Twilight... MAC's Prem + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder! (I know i have to mention Twilight at least once in every post, obsessed much?)

I got scared when I first saw it - only because it was white! even if the product description says 'Transparent' I still visualise myself in white makeup with curly pink wig, polka-dots overalls and huge red shoes! Not really the look i am after but anyway when Colour Ready came out I went ahead and purchased it.
And I am glad I did :) Now all i can think of is getting a back up.

Now you may wonder what's the difference between transparent finishing powder and that of MAC Invisible powder: first, the former is smaller in size than the latter; second finishing powder claims to improve your skin with longterm use while invisible powder is only a quick fix and third, transparent powder has got better texture :)

Here are some suggestions on the product and this is purely based on my experience and readings online:

1. a little goes a long way (Only set the areas where you applied your foundation and concealer if not the whole face)
2. invest on a good brush if you can. They are promoting a brush with it if you'd like but any face brush is just fine as long as it's full and can buff your face well.
3. Make sure that your foundation / concealer is evenly and well blended before you set it with the finishing powder. (trust me, i had to learn it the hard way)

So, if you're thinking of getting it, don't think just get it. (West Aussie girls, Colour Ready collection is available in both David Jones and Myer or

MAC Prem + Prime Transparent Finishing powder works best with Prem + Prime Refined Pore Treatment :)

Airy Fairy it is!

15 April 2009

Yes, inspired by Lollipop26's blog! Rimmel AIRY FAIRY lipstick :)

When I read her blog today I told myself "I've got to have it!" you know - like a normal makeup junkie my hands were itching to get it :) 
And when I read the words dupe - MAC Viva Glam V - I was sold! In fact I fell inlove with it already. 

So after work I went to Target and there it was - just waiting for me and it was on sale (result!!). I felt victory in my hands! 

And it was victory indeed! It's a great colour and the formulation is good... very moisturising :)

Verdict: Rimmel Airy Fairy wins our hearts! 

1. It's PRETTY!
2. Any skin tone can work this baby out
3. Very close to MAC Viva Glam V. It's more on the pink side but still very comparable.
4. Very affordable
5. We love the smell - it's like fruity bubble gum

Here's some swatches for you (MAC Viva Glam V vs Airy Fairy)

Thank you Lollipop26 for sharing this great find :)

Makeup Tip: Defining your eyebrows

13 April 2009

Eyebrows are like shoes, it completes any look. There are certain keypoints to remember when defining your eyebrows like:

1. if you're going for bare eyes then eyebrows should be well defined in shape and colourwise it should be just as the same as your hair colour OR
2. if you're going for bright eye look then eyebrows should still be well defined shapewise but colourwise it should be a little bit lighter than your normal hair

Anyway, we here at Excellent makeup took some time researching on products best used in defining your eyebrows. So far we've gathered the following:

1. eyebrow pencil - the drier the texture the longer it will last on your brows. Our favourites are from MAC and Benefit cosmetics but if you're on a budget then you can opt for Rimmel or Maybelline for a cheaper option.

2. eyeshadow - yes, the oldest trick! We're loving MAC Embark e/s and MAC Showstopper e/s. Prestige's Chill palette - the brown e/s also does the trick. (Note: Also use an angled brush for more control and the eyeshadow should be a matte finish)

3. eyebrow kits - Anastasia is one of the most popular ones and it includes stencils to define the shape and what not.

We've also want to try the following:

1. MAC Brow finisher
2. Vaseline on brows - we wonder how this will hold up the brow colour and if this a good (cheaper) alternative

We've also watched a few YouTube videos on eyebrow tutorials and here's our Top 2 :)

Hope this helps you as it helped us.

If unsure of your eyebrow shape, please go see a professional. Eyebrows can make you look older or younger.

Smokey Eyes: Brown-Gold that's so Tempting ;)

07 April 2009

We at Excellent Makeup are always in search of classic smokey eyes look and we found another one! It's from SarahVictor (one of our favourite makeup gurus) - it's simple, fast, easy and gorgeous!

4 Things we're happy to see in this video:

1. MAC Tempting e/s - you'll always get an effortless look even on its own!
2. MAC Honey Lust e/s - isn't it the name enough? 
3. MAC Butternutty shadestick - we so can't wait for this shadestick - FYI, it's part of MAC Sugarsweet collection - coming out on 18 April in Australia *big grin*
4. Maybelline Lash Stilleto Mascara - we can't wait for this one either! - Dear Maybelline, can you please release this mascara now? pretty please? - Love, MsChikee

2 Things that we are "seriously" thinking of getting - *guilty grin*

1.  MAC Intenso mineralise blush - GrandDuo Collection - if it's not sold out yet... 
2. Enzo Milano clipless curling iron - Dear Economic Crisis, can you please end soon? so Australian dollar goes up then we can afford this beautiful hair tool - Love, MsChikee

Just like what SarahVictor suggested, to avoid your shadestick drying out quickly, make sure that you close the lid properly - remember 2 Clicks! :)

Tips on applying Cream Blushes

06 April 2009

We recently purchased our first cream blush (MAC Blushcreme - Ladyblush) and we are still learning how to apply it.

So far, here's what we found out about cream blushes:

1. Best (suitable) for dry skin or combination skin where the cheeks are the dry part because the cream contains oil that will help moisturise the cheeks

2. It's great on cooler weather

3. It's less streaky and gives a natural finish compared to powder blush

4. Lasts longer than powder blush if used properly

5.  They are pretty :)

Ok, number 5 is subjective but anything that makes you look healthy is pretty :)

Tools that you can use:

1. Mighty old fingers
2. Foundation brush (yep, read that right)
3. Stippling brush (ie MAC 187)
4. Wedge Sponge

How to apply:

1. Smile (to make cheekbones pop)
2. Using your fingers, apply a dime-size amount on each cheek
3. Blend (using any of the tools above) in circular motion towards your hairline
4. (Optional) Set with a powder blush in similar colour 

And here's our favourite video:

If you're using your fingers, make sure they're clean.

Day 5: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation VERDICT

05 April 2009

Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day 5 - Final Verdict

MsChikee couldn't wait no more! It's a yes for the foundation!

'Ugly' and 'Betty' were definitely hormonal breakout. Both are now gone and dusted and Mschikee's skin is back to normal.

Best applicator is a sponge wedge and second best is a foundation brush.

Ideal setting powder is the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural but MAC Select sheer powder will do just the same. (It depends on what look you're after)

Coverage can be built up for full coverage but one layer is more than enough.

It's definitely hydrating and ideal for drier weather or cooler weather.

- not good friends with humidity

*Project completed!
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - BUY!

Day 4: MAC Studio Sculpt Trial

04 April 2009

Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day 4

8 AM - applied foundation using a 187 and notice today that the foundation didn't really sit on the skin like normal so a makeup wedge sponge had to be used.

10 AM - 'Betty' is still there but not as bad as yesterday which makes it more like a hormonal breakout

1230 NOON - T-zone is already in trouble. it's a little bit warmer today so no doubt the oil reproduction is rampant.

2 PM - T-zone is controlled. Noticed that sweat is indeed absorbed or controlled... wish it was the oil on the face...

4 PM - powdered off the oil on the T-zone. retouched the blush as well..

9 PM - washed off foundation and checked for any other breakout... nada!

Verdict on Day 4: It was weird that only today that we noticed that the foundation didn't sit well on the skin when first applied on skin. We think it could be the brush but it was just weird but nothing a wedge sponge can't fix. Breakout is still that same one on the nose which still believe to be a hormonal breakout. 2 more days before finally deciding whether to buy this foundation or not.

Wishlist Item: Benefit's Coralista Blush

03 April 2009

Believe it or not, this is still in MsChikee's Wishlist but not for long.

When you may ask? Well, let's just say Soon!

We're never really a fan of Benefit cosmetics until recently.
The first purchase from this line is from their Silky-finish lipstick - "Good to Go" which was used on Bella's character in Twilight the movie and since we have this great love on anything Twilight we gave it a go - the lipstick - and never looked back! It's a great lipstick. only a few down side but it's a winner in our books.

So back on the blush, the swatches in the photos we've seen in makeup blogs didn't do enough justice. No offense but this blush is better looking in person. Actually, this is what Nars Orgasm should look like if we were to suggest Nars cosmetics :) because it can make you weak in the knees.. (we're being cheeky here.. apologies in advance)

First impressions on:

1. the packaging - well, not a fan... it's bulky to our liking but it's cute... aesthetically speaking it's pretty. practically speaking it's bulky.

2. the brush - hhmmm where do we start... we'll again not a big fan. it doesn't seem easy to use when applying the product.

3. the colour (prior to swatching it) - it was too orange but obviously mistaken because it's such a gorgeous peachy/pink blush

Here are some makeup blogs that showcased some swatches:

Mywomenstuff - she reckon the same thing, Coralista should be what NARS Orgasm should be.

Makeupandbeautyblog - got some FOTD to look at and a swatch. This highlight that fact that's great on tanned skin hence a summer colour.

Love this blush and can't wait to tick this off the wish list!
Even if our days are soon to be cooler, this is a great colour in winter.... you know to warm things up.

If you have Benefit counters in your area, go check this out and hopefully you'll fall inlove too.

When buying a blush, ask the Makeup Artist to apply it on your cheeks. Make a decision from that and not from the swatches on your hands :)

Day 3: MAC Studio Sculpt Trial

02 April 2009

Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day 3

8 AM - applied the foundation using a MAC 187 but got poor results. Reapplied using a foundation brush and set with MSF natural.

10 AM - shock horror - found a tiny-tiny pimple on the nose let's call it 'Ugly'. ok deep breath, it could be because it's the time of the month.. (our apologies for the overshare)

1230 NOON - ok another tiny-tiny pimple on the other side of the nose, let's call it 'Betty'. it's still deep but i can feel it some where there. this is definitely a hormone-inflicted pimple.

2 PM - 'Ugly' is gone well almost non-existent, while 'Betty' is still there trying to get out.

4 PM - powdered off the oil on the T-zone. 'Ugly' is definitely gone. it was that tiny. but 'Betty' well it is still there

10 PM - foundation is all gone.

Verdict on Day 3: it's hard to tell if 'Ugly and Betty' are caused by the foundation because it's also time of the month.
The trial will continue until the end of the week to give that 7 day mark. MsChikee's instinct tells her that it could be just hormonal break out so watch this space for more day to day account of MAC Studio Sculpt foundation trial.

Day 2: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

01 April 2009

Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day 2

8 AM - applied the foundation on this time using a wedge makeup sponge. Result? much better than using a foundation brush. Set with Mineralise Skin Finish Natural.

10 AM - checked and still good.

1230 NOON - still no oil, coverage still good.

2 PM - still good and still no sign of breakout just yet

4 PM - oil on the forehead but nothing major

5 PM - washed face.

Verdict on Day 2: MsChikee is still happy with the product. Still not sure whether to purchase it but it's surely hitting the good charts.

MAC Sugarsweet Collection - Australian Release 18 April 2009

Mark your calendars ladies - especially Western Australia - MAC Sugarsweet Collection is coming out on 13 April 2009!

The colours are spring / summer -ish which is kinda off season for us Aussie ladies but this shouldn't stop us from getting some products off the collection since it's a limited edition.

*Hint - this collection is repromoting Lollipop Loving lipstick from MAC Heatherette collection - Western Australia missed out on that collection :(

So products we look forward from this collection?

1. MSFs (Mineralise Skin Finishes) - we love both!
2. Shadesticks - Penny - repromote!
3. Nail polish - especially the creamy green one - Peppermint Patti
4. Lipglosses - we're curious on the 3-tiered effect
5. Lollipop Loving lipstick - better get backups for it!

Dont forget MAC Sugarsweet Collection - 18 April 2009

Lollipop Loving lipstick is a mid-tone coral with subtle green with gold iridescence (Glaze)