Maybelline Stiletto Lash - a product we can't wait to try

29 March 2009

We can't wait for this product to be released here in Australia!! We're so excited! Chances are we'll have to wait for months before it gets here :(

Product description says

Extended brush grasps that coats lashes from every angle.

Unique elastic formula

Pro-vitamin B5 formula to condition lashes

Contact lense safe

Sounds great isn't it?
But we wouldn't know until we get hold of this baby. We're only relying on other makeup-holics' reviews and thoughts about the product. And here are some of them:

1. Fabuless Beauty - it's a no for this reviewer

2. Beautyjunkiesunite - this reviewer has FOTD of before and after applying the mascara and you can the difference. Although there was some minor clumping, it's a yes for this reviewer

3. Makeupfiles - Also has FOTD on the site which is always great. Final review mark? B+

4. Makeup by RenRen - with FOTD and pros and cons :) (so far our favourite review)

So there are countless reviews online but only you can really decide if the product works for you. It may not work for some of the reviewers but it might work for you.

As for us here at Excellentmakeup, we're looking forward to:

- conditioning formula (Pro vitamin B5, this stuff is the same as what Pantene has ... hehe)
- washable effect (it promises that it washes off easily)
- lengthens lashes
- patent black effect

Watch out for this space for a proper review once we get the chance :)

You can use baby oil to take your mascara off. Don't tug so hard and always use a cotton pad :)

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