MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - to buy it or not to buy it?

30 March 2009

Yes! It's finally here in Australia.

Of course we've already checked it out today at our local MAC counter.

So, let's talk about first impressions:

1. The packaging is great. We reckon it's better than their normal bottle packaging. We'd like to call this one "Worry-free" tube.

2. Texture wise - it feels great. It's not runny hence the gel like they promised

Prior to its release, we here at Excellentmakeup did some research about the product.

We believe that foundation is a no joke product. Time and effort should be invested in finding the one that works for you. It's like kissing several frogs until you find your prince. :D

So back on to the foundation, we did extended research from blogs, videos on YouTube and product review sites and we've gathered the following:

1. Hydrating
2. Moisturising - (from the shea butter)
3. It's not matte nor dewy finish.. it's in between
4. Packaging is travel-friendly
5. Texture is great. A little goes a long way
6. Medium coverage
7. SPF-15

1. Not long lasting
2. Acne-prone skin should take caution
3. Oily skin should stay away
4. Not humidity-friendly - some girls said that it actually oxidises in humidity

You can actually check MakupAlley, based on the reviews, the product rated 3.1 out of 5. Also here is the top review video on Youtube.

Most of the reviews we've seen/heard were 'good' reviews. It's a Yay product. But like we said, foundation is a no joke product, you must choose wisely and carefully. When we read that it's not advisable to oily skin or acne prone skin, we hesitated a little bit (just a little). We asked for a sample so we can try it and see if it works for us before committing to the full size. We don't have any return policy here in Aus, not for opened products at least so we have to be sure.

So watch this space to know the verdict! After that then we can talk about the concealer.

MAC Studio Sculpt is replacing MAC Face and Body :)


  1. I cant wear liquid foundation it totally breaks me out & I can't stand the feeling of them. Even the Origins one didn't work for me & they are suppose to be very gentle. I'm going to get the studio sculpt concealer for sure though. Are you excited about the a rose romance collection? Those rose shaped blushes are so cute and I totally want to try the Fix+ Rose =D

  2. @Jodienas - yes, i am absolutely excited about the Rose romance! i am trying to get the dates so i can prepare my pocket for it.. haha

    as for foundation, i am ok with liquid ones. my skin loves Clinique but i am trying to get other foundations to try.. you know for back up. so hopefully studio sculpt will work for me.. i love the gel texture :)


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