Day 1: MAC Studio Sculpt Trial

31 March 2009

Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day 1

8am - applied the foundation on. the finish was a natural finish. somewhat comparable to Cliniques tinted moisturiser only better in coverage

10am - checked and still good. no need to retouch. no sign of oil. however it's a cool day today here in Perth and MsChikee's skin is much more behaved on cool days

1230 noon - went to lunch, foundation still OK. oil is slowly building up on the T-Zone but still good. no need to retouch or powder it off. No signs of bumps or lurking breakouts just yet

2pm - oil is more prominent on the forehead. powder off the oil. the rest of the face still looks OK

4pm - home time. still looking fresh and no sign of breakout still and no itchiness.

5pm - washed face.

Verdict on Day 1: OK, coverage is good, texture is good. lasted the working day.

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