Affordable Brushes - where to find them?

25 March 2009

With the recent economic crisis every saving is a great one. Bargain on the other hand doesn't mean savings because it's true that you'll get what you paid for. There are makeup items that are best paid with good money and there are some that a dupe is the next best thing.

One of many rules in makeup application is to have good quality brushes. Also, it's not that bad to invest in it. High-end brands like MAC and Chanel promises a great range of brushes with excellent quality and price tag you can't deny hurts your pocket (sometimes).

For US consumers, CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) is one solution - get high-end brushes on a Sale price.. (can't beat that!) But for Non-US consumers (ie, Australia) where prices are (always) 2x as much as the normal price, it's either save up or resort to medium range brands.

And that's when the quest for affordable brushes started for! There are heaps out there but the following won our hearts!

Ships overseas:

Coastal Scents - you can either go to the site or search 'coastal scents brush review' on YouTube and behold yourself to a number of testimonials from makeupholics. The brushes are affordable and quality good and best thing is they always have sale or some kind of promotion.

Sigma makeup - sells individual brushes as well as sets. They name their brushes in numbers familiar to you -150, 187, 224, etc. This is the closest you can get to having all the MAC brushes and for that, this is the closest to's heart.

*Note - For Aussie consumers, please take note of exchange rate and shipping cost

Local stores (Australia):

Ice Accessories - Aussie consumers - you've seen this one almost everywhere and they offer affordable brushes (From $ 9.95 AUD). Brushes to recommend are blending brush, concealer brush, kabuki brush and foundation brush!

Manicare Professional Artiste - these brushes are available in selected Myer stores nationwide.

Don't forget to wash your brushes!

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