1920s Flapper Girl Makeup - for special occasions

28 March 2009

Party time! We were invited to attend this party where you have to dress up as a famous character in a movie, book or even commercial. well it's like halloween but only not halloween.. :)

We knew that anyone from the Cullens or even Bella Swan will be out of the list because chances are half of the guests will twi-dress up (haha- newly found word). So on we went to search for something classic and timeless and sophisticated.... which led us to Chicago the movie!

Now that's a little extravagant production for us here at Excellentmakeup so we decided to just become a 1920s Flapper girl and then suddenly all these ideas started coming through!

So here's what we've done:

1. Hire a flapper dress - Done! - costume hire places will have gazillion of flapper dresses (unless you own one then scrap the hiring idea)

2. Accessorise - bob hair wig, pearls, feathery things for the hair, gloves, stockings - Done!

3. Shoes - any mary-jane looking shoes should do..

4. Hair - we opted for a wig but if you're keen to do the whole shebang the you may want to try this:

5. Makeup! - the fun part. Basically Flapper makeup is all about dark eyes, dark lips and some contouring. Also, foundation finish must be matte :) Stay clear from any shimmery things if you can!

We've searched the mighty YouTube and found these lovely videos!

LaBelleMel31 - Halloween Makeup - 1920's Flapper Girl


And our Favourite (note: there is no sound in this video because of some copyright issues but the products used were listed in the description box)

So hopefully this will help you in future costume party you'll be attending.

Remember to bring the lipstick you've used for touch ups :)


  1. Note: this is a flapper look translated through the movie Chicago, which seems in turn to find inspiration for its make-up from Cabaret, which is about Germany in the late '30s, if the Germans were all slightly goth. It is to a real flapper look as egg foo yung is to real Chinese food. If you want to look like a flapper from the 1920s, rather than like a """flapper""" (one set of quotes is not enough) from a recent Hollywood film, look at some old Clara Bow, Colleen Moore or Joan Crawford films. (Joan Crawford from the '20s, that is.) You won't see this kind of make-up there, unless the character falls into a coal chute.

  2. The person before me to comment is completely right. Your missing the idea of a real flapper and the flapper you see in Broadway show. Flappers were very pale, dark lipstick and not to heavy on the eye makeup. Flappers were female rebels of the 1920's they noted the turn of the century.

  3. Yeah its meant to be extreme like above comment :D

  4. you got the whole flapper thing wrong, it's meant to be about the bright dark lips, thin eyebrows and pale face. you website was meant to be helpful :(

  5. I did quite a bit of research for a flapper costume earlier this year. The dark eyes are correct. There was a heavy Egyptian influence happening in the 1920s. Dark lined and owl shaped eyes were very in vogue. Think Erte prints. Wearing heavy makeup on the eyes and the lips was rebellious.

    There is a very famous picture of Clara Bow with her dark bow-shaped lips and darkly lined eyes. That said there was also variation in makeup and it changed throughout the decade. Please research before you start tearing a post apart.


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