Day 1: MAC Studio Sculpt Trial

31 March 2009

Project: MAC Studio Sculpt, to buy or not to buy?
Subject: MsChikee

Day 1

8am - applied the foundation on. the finish was a natural finish. somewhat comparable to Cliniques tinted moisturiser only better in coverage

10am - checked and still good. no need to retouch. no sign of oil. however it's a cool day today here in Perth and MsChikee's skin is much more behaved on cool days

1230 noon - went to lunch, foundation still OK. oil is slowly building up on the T-Zone but still good. no need to retouch or powder it off. No signs of bumps or lurking breakouts just yet

2pm - oil is more prominent on the forehead. powder off the oil. the rest of the face still looks OK

4pm - home time. still looking fresh and no sign of breakout still and no itchiness.

5pm - washed face.

Verdict on Day 1: OK, coverage is good, texture is good. lasted the working day.

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation - to buy it or not to buy it?

30 March 2009

Yes! It's finally here in Australia.

Of course we've already checked it out today at our local MAC counter.

So, let's talk about first impressions:

1. The packaging is great. We reckon it's better than their normal bottle packaging. We'd like to call this one "Worry-free" tube.

2. Texture wise - it feels great. It's not runny hence the gel like they promised

Prior to its release, we here at Excellentmakeup did some research about the product.

We believe that foundation is a no joke product. Time and effort should be invested in finding the one that works for you. It's like kissing several frogs until you find your prince. :D

So back on to the foundation, we did extended research from blogs, videos on YouTube and product review sites and we've gathered the following:

1. Hydrating
2. Moisturising - (from the shea butter)
3. It's not matte nor dewy finish.. it's in between
4. Packaging is travel-friendly
5. Texture is great. A little goes a long way
6. Medium coverage
7. SPF-15

1. Not long lasting
2. Acne-prone skin should take caution
3. Oily skin should stay away
4. Not humidity-friendly - some girls said that it actually oxidises in humidity

You can actually check MakupAlley, based on the reviews, the product rated 3.1 out of 5. Also here is the top review video on Youtube.

Most of the reviews we've seen/heard were 'good' reviews. It's a Yay product. But like we said, foundation is a no joke product, you must choose wisely and carefully. When we read that it's not advisable to oily skin or acne prone skin, we hesitated a little bit (just a little). We asked for a sample so we can try it and see if it works for us before committing to the full size. We don't have any return policy here in Aus, not for opened products at least so we have to be sure.

So watch this space to know the verdict! After that then we can talk about the concealer.

MAC Studio Sculpt is replacing MAC Face and Body :)

Smokey Eyes: MAC Threesome Mineralise Eyeshadow

29 March 2009

Smokey eyes never get old. It's a classic look that anyone can pull off without looking overly done up.

And with winter coming up, we here at are starting to use much more warmer colours on our eyes in preparation for the cold weather.

Today's look is a product of all MAC eyeshadows. It's a pink/burgundy with a of black on the outer-V.

Here's another view and you can see that's it somehow subtle smoke eyes (for day time) which means you can wear this to work.

Products used:

1. MAC All that glitters
2-3. MAC Threesome Mineralise Eyeshadow
4. MAC Carbon
5. MAC Ricepaper
6. MAC Engraved Powerpoint Pencil

How did do this look?

1 Apply MAC All that glitters all over the lid
2 Apply the pink part of the MAC Threesome e/s slightly above the crease
3 Apply the burgundy part of the MAC Threesome e/s on the crease blending it well with the pink you just applied
4 Apply MAC Carbon on the outer-V just for an added depth
5 Apply MAC Ricepaper to highlight your brow bone and makesure blend it well with the pink
6 Line your waterline and lid (close to your lashes) with MAC Engraved power point. Smudge the waterline with a Q-tip for the subtle smokey effect

This is very quick and easy.

Your crease is where the brow bone ends.

Maybelline Stiletto Lash - a product we can't wait to try

We can't wait for this product to be released here in Australia!! We're so excited! Chances are we'll have to wait for months before it gets here :(

Product description says

Extended brush grasps that coats lashes from every angle.

Unique elastic formula

Pro-vitamin B5 formula to condition lashes

Contact lense safe

Sounds great isn't it?
But we wouldn't know until we get hold of this baby. We're only relying on other makeup-holics' reviews and thoughts about the product. And here are some of them:

1. Fabuless Beauty - it's a no for this reviewer

2. Beautyjunkiesunite - this reviewer has FOTD of before and after applying the mascara and you can the difference. Although there was some minor clumping, it's a yes for this reviewer

3. Makeupfiles - Also has FOTD on the site which is always great. Final review mark? B+

4. Makeup by RenRen - with FOTD and pros and cons :) (so far our favourite review)

So there are countless reviews online but only you can really decide if the product works for you. It may not work for some of the reviewers but it might work for you.

As for us here at Excellentmakeup, we're looking forward to:

- conditioning formula (Pro vitamin B5, this stuff is the same as what Pantene has ... hehe)
- washable effect (it promises that it washes off easily)
- lengthens lashes
- patent black effect

Watch out for this space for a proper review once we get the chance :)

You can use baby oil to take your mascara off. Don't tug so hard and always use a cotton pad :)

1920s Flapper Girl Makeup - for special occasions

28 March 2009

Party time! We were invited to attend this party where you have to dress up as a famous character in a movie, book or even commercial. well it's like halloween but only not halloween.. :)

We knew that anyone from the Cullens or even Bella Swan will be out of the list because chances are half of the guests will twi-dress up (haha- newly found word). So on we went to search for something classic and timeless and sophisticated.... which led us to Chicago the movie!

Now that's a little extravagant production for us here at Excellentmakeup so we decided to just become a 1920s Flapper girl and then suddenly all these ideas started coming through!

So here's what we've done:

1. Hire a flapper dress - Done! - costume hire places will have gazillion of flapper dresses (unless you own one then scrap the hiring idea)

2. Accessorise - bob hair wig, pearls, feathery things for the hair, gloves, stockings - Done!

3. Shoes - any mary-jane looking shoes should do..

4. Hair - we opted for a wig but if you're keen to do the whole shebang the you may want to try this:

5. Makeup! - the fun part. Basically Flapper makeup is all about dark eyes, dark lips and some contouring. Also, foundation finish must be matte :) Stay clear from any shimmery things if you can!

We've searched the mighty YouTube and found these lovely videos!

LaBelleMel31 - Halloween Makeup - 1920's Flapper Girl


And our Favourite (note: there is no sound in this video because of some copyright issues but the products used were listed in the description box)

So hopefully this will help you in future costume party you'll be attending.

Remember to bring the lipstick you've used for touch ups :)

Wing it like Audrey

27 March 2009

(Photo source:

We've seen various versions of the very sexy cat's eye makeup. We've seen celebrities making it as their "style" like Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie and recently Amy Winehouse.

Cat's eye or how we call it here at "wing it like Audrey" is not mastered overnight but with practice and perseverance it's attainable.

There will be days that you hope for an Audrey Hepburn or Jolie eyes but you end up with Winehouse! Don't fret because we've been there done that and there's nothing wrong with it.

So how did we learn how to properly wing it like Audrey? research! Yes, we research via Google and Youtube. The former gave us countless techniques but the latter showed us techniques! And here is out favourite:

SarahVictor is just great on that video and she made wing it like Audrey a reachable possibility for amateurs like us.

Recommended products to use:

1. Gel Liners ie Bobbi Brown, L'Oreal*, MAC Fluid Line
2. Liquid Liner ie MAC Liqiud Last
3. Fine brush or Angled brush (if brush is not part of the product) ie MAC 209 or 206

Use a good eye cream to help restore the elasticity of the skin under the eye and eyelids. Also to keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

MAC Fashion Mews Lipstick - yay? or nay?

26 March 2009

Yay? or Nay?
MAC Fashion Mews is one of the lipsticks from their recent collection Hello Kitty.

For Aussie consumers, it was just recently released 2 weeks ago and we here at are loving it... so Yay! for us.

It's definitely a pretty lilac / purple colour that is much lighter than the MAC Lavender whip Cremesheen (which is another sought after lippie!).

It's a Glaze finish which in our opinion is a bit pasty but nevertheless it's a finish that anyone can pull off.

It's a limited edition - which makes us feel special! (Only a few owns it)
Packaging is great! and it's Hello Kitty :)

However, it's always better to try this lippie and see if it works for you before committing in buying it - that is if you're still hesitant in buying.

Things you should consider:
1. will it make my teeth look yellow?
2. will it suit my skin colour?
3. will it suit my natural lip colour?

At the end of the day, it is your money and your satisfaction that matter. If you'd would like to read more reviews about this product then visit MakeupAlley. That site offers reviews after reviews of almost every beauty product out there. :)

For some inspiration, we found this beauty blog that showcased FOTD of a makeup look using MAC Fashion Mews --- Nessasarymakeup (it's so pretty)

Exfoliate lips at least once a week if it's too dry and always carry with you some lip conditioner with SPF to protect your pouts.

Affordable Brushes - where to find them?

25 March 2009

With the recent economic crisis every saving is a great one. Bargain on the other hand doesn't mean savings because it's true that you'll get what you paid for. There are makeup items that are best paid with good money and there are some that a dupe is the next best thing.

One of many rules in makeup application is to have good quality brushes. Also, it's not that bad to invest in it. High-end brands like MAC and Chanel promises a great range of brushes with excellent quality and price tag you can't deny hurts your pocket (sometimes).

For US consumers, CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) is one solution - get high-end brushes on a Sale price.. (can't beat that!) But for Non-US consumers (ie, Australia) where prices are (always) 2x as much as the normal price, it's either save up or resort to medium range brands.

And that's when the quest for affordable brushes started for! There are heaps out there but the following won our hearts!

Ships overseas:

Coastal Scents - you can either go to the site or search 'coastal scents brush review' on YouTube and behold yourself to a number of testimonials from makeupholics. The brushes are affordable and quality good and best thing is they always have sale or some kind of promotion.

Sigma makeup - sells individual brushes as well as sets. They name their brushes in numbers familiar to you -150, 187, 224, etc. This is the closest you can get to having all the MAC brushes and for that, this is the closest to's heart.

*Note - For Aussie consumers, please take note of exchange rate and shipping cost

Local stores (Australia):

Ice Accessories - Aussie consumers - you've seen this one almost everywhere and they offer affordable brushes (From $ 9.95 AUD). Brushes to recommend are blending brush, concealer brush, kabuki brush and foundation brush!

Manicare Professional Artiste - these brushes are available in selected Myer stores nationwide.

Don't forget to wash your brushes!

Happy Birthday to the Excellent Makeup and Beauty Blog

24 March 2009

(Photo source:

So finally a blog just dedicated to makeup and anything beauty related...Yay! (*that only took me almost a year.) I have other existing blogs and I often ramble about makeup and so as other things which sometimes is inappropriate and just confuses not only myself but as well as my readers. So I've decided to have a blog just about makeup.
There are so many makeup-happy bloggers out there (Beauty-holics as I call us) and we've convene on YouTube, Twitter and most recently on Blogger :)

So, welcome and enjoy!